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Certified Move-In Read Inspection: Selling a home is stressful enough. Many things can be gained by the seller proactively choosing to have a home inspection done prior to selling their home;


  1. If there are any areas of the home that require repairs they can be dealt with prior to having potential home buyers through the home.

  2. The report serves as an impartial home inspection that can be viewed by potential buyers to show the quality of the home.

  3. If the buyer insists on having an inspection of their own done the report serves as a way to verify that the information in buyers report is accurate.


Building Types

  • single family homes

  • semi-detached homes

  • townhomes

  • condominiums



  • The report is delivered via email and is an electronic PDF document with lots of pictures and detailed descriptions of the major components in your home, and lists any deficiencies and provides recommendations and priority levels for each item.


Items Inspected

  • roof quality, attic and ventilation

  • gutters and downspouts

  • structural systems

  • exterior cladding systems

  • windows and doors

  • plumbing system

  • electrical system

  • heating system

  • air-conditioning systems

  • interior

  • insulation and ventilation

  • fireplaces and solid fuel burning appliances


For a full list of detailed OAHI inspection items click here.


Duration: 2.5 - 3.5 hours